Sell Your Antiques & Vintage To Us

At Smiths of Newcastle we buy quality antique and vintage items from around the UK, we are always looking to add more items to our stock. We cant guarantee that we will be interested in everything, but we are happy to consider all enquiries!

We are currently looking to purchase good quality pieces, particularly those from well known makers and designers including:

  • Vintage & Antique Glassware
  • Vintage & Antique Ceramics
  • Vintage & Antique Metalware
  • Vintage & Antique Silver 

If you have some items you would like to sell to us, please fill in the form below and provide images or email us at with some details of the object, including dimensions and relevant detail. Include any history or provenance and clear photographs of the object that include a number of angles, any damage and any makers marks or hallmarks the object may have.


How it works:

  1. We will review your item(s) and get back to you.
  2. If we are interested in your item(s), we will provide you with a provisional figure that we are willing to pay based on the images and description being accurate and no differences or additional damage/restoration is apparent. (We reserve the right to change or rescind this offer following our receipt and review of the item(s) for description accuracy, authenticity and damage/restoration)
  3. If you are happy with this offer, we will ask you to send the item(s) to us.(Note: customers are responsible for suitable secure packing, selecting and arranging delivery with a courier and any insurance required when sending their items to us. We accept no liability or responsibility for items lost or damaged in transit to us, all such issues are between the sender and courier).
  4. When we receive the item, we will check that it is authentic, that it matches the description and that there are no differences or damage other than originally described.
  5. If we are satisfied that the item is in keeping with the images originally supplied and is as described, we will confirm our final offer figure for the item.
  6. Once you confirm your acceptance, we will send payment electronically via bank transfer
  7. If in our opinion, after reviewing your item in person, we find that the item is not as described, is a fake/forgery or is restored or has damage, we will send the item back to you.